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January 2018 Outer Banks Real Estate Overview

Summary – January MLS statistics are interesting! On the upside we are seeing record sales volume and the lowest number of days on the market for a January, but on the downside, we are seeing a record low in units in an under-contact status and a record low inventory.

➢ The UPSIDE ➢ Residential Sales Volume: Highest residential sales volume since 2006! – $48,591,372
➢ Total Unit Sales: Highest January sales since 2006! – 152 units ➢ Days on the Market: Lowest January Days on Market since 2006!- 170 days ➢ The DOWNSIDE ➢ Under Contract Listing: Lowest number of January listings under contract in 2009! – 304 Units ➢ Inventories: Lowest monthly inventory since 2005! – Residential – 1369 units, Lots / Land – 680 Units, Commercial – 58 Units

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